Florida football set to sell custom jerseys

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Florida football set to sell custom jerseys

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Florida football set to sell custom jerseys

Thanks to Name, Image and Likeness rules entering the fray, college football players can now make money in new and exciting ways. Or the most basic, like jersey sales.To get more news about wholesale nfl jerseys in usa, you can visit custom-nfljersey.com official website.

That’s how the proceeds from the jerseys purchased by Florida football fans this year will be spread out a bit differently.
The Gators announced a new program involving Fanatics and OneTeam Partners which will result in players profiting off custom jersey sales.“Fanatics will work with Jordan, the official uniform partner of Gator football, on the blanks, and fans will be able to order jerseys with the name of any players that opt into the group licensing program through OneTeam Partners,” Florida’s statement said.

So all jersey sales won’t benefit players but fans can specifically go through Fanatics to make sure their purchase does.

For years, jerseys have been a bit of an awkward feature in college football. While NFL players had agreements relating to the use of their names on products, it was more tricky involving the student-athletes who had to be treated as amateurs. NIL changed the game, so it wouldn’t be a surprise to see even more programs jump on this model.

It’s not clear how much each individual will be able to pick up from this licensing agreement but it’s definitely more than they would have received in previous years.
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